I’ve been really bad at remembering to do these posts for, well, months really!  My problem is that I tend to spend one evening near the start of the week writing up all the posts for the coming week, and I don’t usually look at the date of a post, just the day of the week when I’m doing the scheduling.  Anyway, this week I’m all out of whack, so I’m writing this just a day ahead of time after seeing a bunch of other Fresh Sewing Day posts go up.  That makes me a day late.  Let’s ignore that, shall we? ;o)

June and July were both seriously busy, so I didn’t have huge expectations, but here’s what I did manage to do in July:

July Makes

I’m rather amazed there are 3 whole quilts in there!  Siblings Together, and my 2 bee quilts from this last year, Stitch Tease awesomeness and the fabulous Retro Flowers.  Aside from that, I got 5 bee blocks, a name tag and 2 bears done.  Hmm, no wonder I’m knackered ;o)

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