So my friends Lucy and Laura have come up with an ingenious idea, to share those WIPs and fabrics that we are no longer in love with, with those that can give them the love and care they deserve:

quokkaquilts   FuglyCharm

You may recall that I started the year with an insane 38 WIPs, and while I’ve ploughed through a good number of them, there’s a couple I just know I’ll never actually get to:

This was made as part of the Travellin’ Pic Stitch blog hop last year, and frankly, I can’t think of what to do with it that doesn’t involve a lot more EPP that I don’t have time for, so if you want it, shout out!  Gone to Ella.

This was made as part of the Foundation Paper Piecing For The Terrified series last year.  I had grand ideas that I could turn it into an art packet for a wee boy or something, but since I’ve had no reason to actually get on and do it, I haven’t, and maybe one of you would like it instead, let me know in the comments:  Gone to Samantha, please send contact details!

And now onto the fabric.  I was in a stash bee last year, long before Pink Castle had come up with the Stash Club, and I ended up stocking up on a few fat quarters from the quilting section of the local fabric shop that I thought might be useful, but ended up not using.  I know I’ll never use them now, so if you want any of them, leave a comment!  All gone!

That’s all folks :oD