Over the weekend I had a lovely package of Liberty goodness drop through the door from my friend Jo down at The Greene Stitch Co.  At FQR I’d missed the Hello Kitty Liberty frenzy at the market as I think I was out to dinner while that was going on, and they were cleared out when I eventually got there.  Now Hello Kitty isn’t something I’d normally go for, but there was a rather fun print of Hello Kitty playing a number of musical instruments, surrounded by flowers, there’s even a harp playing one, a little nod to my youth.  As it happened, Jo had picked up a load of it and decided she didn’t need it all, so I got a fat eighth:

And then I didn’t want her getting all lonely, so I added some peacocks:

After that, well, I wanted to boost my scraps collection, so I picked up a scrap pack, and amused myself for a wee while sorting them into colour groups:

The last 2 were random groups, the top a mixture of colours, and the bottom a collection of ‘novelty’ type prints.

So now I’m at an interesting point.  My original plan for my collection only really needed blues, reds, pinks and greys, the multicoloured, and yellow/green bits hadn’t been factored in at all, so maybe I’ll need to make more than one thing.  Won’t that be awful… ;o)