Randomeering time again!

1. Did you hear they found a shark on the New York Subway?  Seriously, WTH?!  Apparently some kids had found it while swimming at Coney Island, then took it on a roller coaster ride, after which some guy decided it was beautiful and he had to take it home (wonder what exactly he was smoking…)  He then left it on the train for everyone else to enjoy.  Oooookay.

2. We had our own excitement nearer to home.  I was in the pub with a friend the other night when what looked like a bird started flying madly all over the place.  The pub in question is an old bank in the truly opulent 19th century style with huge domed, pillared ceilings, and it seemed to keep heading up into the dome, only to plummet back down for another couple of circuits further down.  We were all getting a tad dizzy from watching it, when it stunned itself on a window just behind where I was sitting and we saw what it really was:

Poor little thing was not having a good night!  Wonder if the pub is reconsidering its open door policy on warm summer nights…

3. Earlier that evening I had another random little connection.  Whilst I’m used to seeing the following bottles of wine grace my parents’ table following trips to Provence, I really wasn’t expecting to see one on the top shelf of one of the trendy pubs in town, maybe it got lost…

It was in between bottles of this.  Very odd!

4. How many times have you heard kids saying ‘this is soooo boring!’  Well, have I got an event for you to take them to.  Introducing Dull and Boring day:

Dull, up the road from me in Perthshire, is twinned with Boring in the US, where the local county is trying to declare the 9th August Dull and Boring day, an annual event.  Last heard, Bland, in Oz, is looking to get in on the act too…

5. And finally, close to home, my stats showed that in my top 10 searches that bring people to this site, ass gurus features quite prominently.  They must be soooo disappointed ;o)

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