A couple of weeks ago I posted about a skills trade I had done with my good friend Trudi whereby she got one of my bears in exchange for her quilting my Retro Flowers.  Now, I’m hoping to find someone that has the time/skills for another kind of skills trade.

My requirements are that I need someone who is adept at graphic design who can help me come up with some branding to be used on patterns and the like.  I seem to be able to write the patterns and get all the technicalities covered, but my ability to create a logo/colour scheme/font scheme is woefully lacking.
In exchange, well, I’m rather at your mercy, what would you like?  A bear?  A bag?  Something else entirely?
If you think you can help, please leave me a comment and I’ll be in touch :o)

And we have a volunteer who will work for bears, thanks folks :o)