This month it was Di #2’s turn for this year’s more ‘normal’ round of Stitch Tease, and she asked for blocks where the centre represented ourselves in some way and gave us a mosaic of things she liked, so I might have a slightly tenuous link to one of them *ahem*.  The outer was to be made up of squares and rectangles, and each was meant to only be in a couple of colourways, with nothing too bright or too dark (not that she’s fussy ;o) )

So here’s my 2 offerings:

#1 A camper van, after last year’s epic trip – I’m not sure if you can read the number plate, but it says ST 2013:

#2 A flower, since my retro flowers is finally done, although this isn’t a retro flower (I told you this was tenuous ;o) ):

Looking forward to seeing all the bits of everyone in the bee :o)