I envy those of you living in nice, moderate climates, who have sun available a good deal of the time (or at least not rain), who have gardens and who do not have jobs.  Why?  Because I think this puts you in a position whereby you are likely to either have a nice location to take photos of large items, or can easily get to one, even if it might take you a little planning time.  I live in a first floor flat, and even the ground floor doesn’t have a garden.  I work full time.  Oh, and I live in the UK, synonymous with rain to the rest of the world ;o)

I’ve taken photos of items in other people’s gardens, but it’s a little far for me to pop 350 miles down to Susan’s to use her fence every time I’ve got a new item to photograph, however useful it may be!  My gran’s garden a few miles away is fence-free (well, apart from a little metal post fence) but is surrounded by other houses, and the washing line in the middle rather dominates it, so you don’t get the lovely rural feeling one might want in a backdrop.  But, I suppose the question really is, does one want that?  I’ve taken quilt photos in my pet multi-storey carpark, just down the road from the office, but do you want to see concrete and metal mesh fencing?

I suppose what I’m really asking you is, what kind of backdrop draws you to pattern covers?  I’m assuming you already want the item in question to be well lit enough to see it clearly, but what else, if anything, do you want to see?  For bags do you want to see a person in at least one photo for scale?  If so I shall have to find a victim volunteer to play model, and co-ordinating that, a location, free time and lack of rain may be a challenge ;o)