A few weeks ago I had a bit of a chuckle to myself when one sewing/bloggy friend told me that another mutual friend had described me as totally laid back.  When I told my boss this, he nearly fell off his seat laughing, ‘You just save it all up for when you’re in here then?’ he managed to get out, between snorts of mirth.

My day job requires me to spend a chunk of my time tracking project plans to the nth degree, to ensure that things are delivered to deadlines.  As the team I manage always comes in near the end of a project, our time is the most likely to be squeezed by previous teams’ over-runs, so I have to ensure that other teams deliver to us when they are meant to almost as much as I have to make sure that my team turns around what we need to do within the timescales.  The net result of this is, I suppose, that I am one of the least laid back people in the workplace!

In ‘sewing land’, which I hit when I leave the office, I may have the occasional deadline for larger projects, such as for swaps or blog hops, and more frequently for bee blocks, but those deadlines are entirely of my own choosing, and I can (and do) say ‘no’ if it doesn’t suit me.  I do expect myself to deliver on time if I have committed though!

Equally, other people have deadlines to send things to me, but these deadlines are not ones I can get stressed about, albeit I may feel a tiny bit irritated.  Why not?  Well clearly I have quite enough of that at work, but also I kind of have to weigh up the importance of my bee block or whatever arriving during my month versus a bunch of other things:

1. Will I die of cold waiting for this particular finished quilt?  Highly unlikely

2. Will I starve without it?  Whilst I like a fair amount of fibre in my diet, this might be a step too far

3. Is this finished quilt going to contribute to world peace?  Highly unlikely

4. Am I actually going to finish this quilt the very second the last of my blocks drop through the door?  History says highly unlikely

5. Will this block potentially push my bee-mate over the edge?  Possibly

Going with good old risk-based analysis, #5 ranks highest, and to be honest, given my answer to #4, it’s not worth #5 happening by forcing the deadline.  I’m not perfect though, I do expect that people will actually deliver at some point, and I do still have 6 viewfinder blocks yet to find their way here from last October ;o)

Now I’m not saying for a minute that everyone else should do this, but, you know, it works for me…