This was the weekend, if you recall, when I had nowhere to be for the first time in about 3 months, and I relished every minute of it.  Well, right up until I decided that Sunday would be the day to tackle my goal for August and get that pattern all laid out nicely o.O  In vain I hunted for tutorials on how to lay the pages out in Illustrator (because, funnily enough, being a vector graphic tool it’s not something you find a lot of people advocating!), so in the end I downloaded a trial of Adobe’s DTP software In Design.  After some meandering through some online tutes for about half an hour, I decided I was ready to go.

It’s all done now, but it took hours and hours and… well, you get the point!  Still I have now got it done pending the branding that I need to add to it, and a final review, so I don’t have that pain again ;o)  I did actually get some sewing done to though, so I have a bit of a pay off!  You’ll understand though that none of it was actually on my list from last week *ahem*

Finishes This Week:

Rien.  Niet.  Nada.

In Progress This Week:

Colourful new project, pics to follow.

Stitch Tease blocks for Jennifer

Rescuing this project:

To Be Worked On This Week:

Jammy Bottoms from FQR (if I mention it often enough, I’ll actually do it, right?)
Stitch Tease blocks for Jennifer
Grand cupboard clear out and loft reshuffle – yes, this has nothing at all to do with sewing, but if it’s not done soon, my house will implode.  Honestly…

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