There is an epidemic sweeping Brit Bee at the moment that is quite enough to make one cross one’s legs – yep, there’s more of them due to pop out mini bees!  Anyway, poor old Jo has been spending an inordinate amount of time embracing her porcelain friend, so I volunteered to do her blocks for Jennie to finish off Round 2 of the bee (and then ended up embracing my own porcelain friend, but that was entirely related to a bout of labyrinthitis, honest!).

As a reminder, this was Jennie’s inspiration from some work she had seen by Gunta Stolzl.

Photo courtesy of Gunta Stolzl’s site

This time I had 2 12″ blocks to do (you may recall my one was 24″ x 12″) and it was requested that they be symmetrical, so this is what I came up with (there’s a white linen strip top and bottom that’s rather hard to see in these pics I’m afraid!):

I hope these are okay for you Jennie!