Have you ever read something where you heard the Hallelujah Chorus going in the background?  Sung along with it?  Just me, huh? ;o)  Anywho, it was when I cracked open Quilting Modern that I had my moment of revelation while trapped in a freezing loft for 12 hours back in May (don’t ask).  We’ll also not go into the fact that it had been on my bookshelf since it came out without me even cracking the cover before then!

Quilting Modern

It was while reading through this that I realised that I didn’t have to make quilts out of traditional blocks, HSTs, squares and blinking geese!  Now I don’t mind making these for other people, but there’s a reason that all my bee block requests so far have been a bit abnormal, and this book helped me see I’d never need to be normal again (as far as my quilting goes, there was already no hope for the rest of me…)

Split into seven sections, the techniques covered are:

  • Free-Piecing
  • Improvisational Log Cabins
  • Slice and Inserts
  • Stitch & Flip Triangles
  • Strip Piecing
  • Modern Crazy Piecing
  • Improvisational Curves
Now this book does contain several quilt projects in each section that you can do which have all the measurements and construction instructions, but those are really just showing you how to apply the technique, so for this review I decided to embrace the Modern Crazy Piecing, and to take it one step further and use it not in a quilt, but in a mini messenger bag, made from my own pattern:

I used some of Michael Miller’s ellies inside just because they were cute…


Here’s a close up of the crazy piecing:
I had so much fun with this that I have another crazy piecing project in progress, and another one planned – I may be a little obsessed in fact!
With the project in progress, once I’ve got my crazy piecing done, I will then be moving on to the Free Piecing section to get the overall piece finished, and then I may wander through the introduction sections to read up on the quilting suggestions there.
So have you made anything this year from a craft book?  Well write up a post on it, and link up to the Craft Buds linky party for a chance to win some fabulous prizes!