Have you come across Terry’s Fabrics before?  They are a shop specialising in home decor fabrics, and all related paraphernalia, along with bedding, rugs and other homewares, with a price promise that they will not be beaten.  I picked up some fabric to have a play with and show that their wares are not just for making curtains!

Firstly I got some more bunting, which is a PVC coated cotton.  You’ll find PVC fabrics like this here on the site, but the great thing about it, is that it doesn’t just have to be used for things like table cloths, it also works well where you need waterproof fabric like bags, wash bags, lunch bags, even shower curtains :

Now I had a scrap of this left over from some project last year, but I wanted to make a Model Aeroplane bag using some of this for the main outer piece because it’s such a fun print.  I didn’t have enough for that originally, but now I’ve got this lovely metre from Terry’s to work with.  Other than the bag though, I think I might make myself a wash bag (as I’ve been promising myself for ages!)  What else do you think could be made from it?

My second choice garnered me this lovely woven piece:

My plan for this is twofold – firstly to enhance the curtains I’m going to be putting in the spare room, once it’s redecorated, and secondly to make a matching cushion or two for the piece of sofa that’s going in there (don’t ask, it’s sectional!)  This one is a little further down the line as I have to amass my paint party first to overhaul the room, oh, and I have to make replacement window coverings for where the curtains currently are.  I have my eye on this page though, I just need to decide whether I need the standard or the heavy duty kit.

Other fun things I’ve found on the site that I have to work out why I need to buy:

The Capri Camper Van Rug
The Cottage 4494 Rug
The Cottage 4623 Rug
The Lodge 4756 Rug
Blackout Curtain Lining

I think that should be enough for me to be getting on with ;o)

* Please note that I was sent these fabrics for free to try out, all opinions are my own