Yay, #2 of my class samples is done for Patchwork In The Peaks!  For this version of the Aeroplane Bag I used all PVC fabric for the outer, and a home dec weight fabric for the lining.  I also added in a few extra pockets:

Zip pocket outer on side 1 to hold my passport/boarding card etc
Slip pocket on side 2 for my Kindle/glasses
Slip pocket more visible on side 2
Laptop interior pocket
Bellows pockets for shoes, plus the original zipped inner pocker

Just to give you a bit of comparison with my model aeroplane from the other day:

I took all these photos in a local park, much to the amusement of an old guy sitting on one of the other benches, who couldn’t work out WTH was happening, especially when I hauled out the quilt and 3 jackets from the Airbus to take photos of the lining ;o)

Just one more mini to go, as I’m going to use the Airbus for my actual luggage for the trip, so can’t fit in another regular sized on.  I have other plans for that Echino now though :o)