Ahh, it’s time to put aside all your other sewing, and just sew for yourself this week over at Imagine Gnats  This was one of those ‘sew alongs’ that I knew was coming up, but didn’t know if I’d be able to participate in, as it all depended on whether I had got my ‘have to’ sewing out of the way first.  Having decided just to make the 3 Aeroplanes, and having a few weeks before anything else is due, I’ve decided I can clear the decks for a while, so here’s what I might be playing with this week.  I’m following Rachael’s lead though, and not actually committing to any one thing, because who knows, something else more exciting might spring up, and for this week it’s all about me ;o)

I pulled these together over the weekend, and I have a vague plan in mind for them, but this might end up the bottom of the list for the week as it’s going to take the longest amount of tinkering about.

I’m slightly fed up of going away places for a weekend or something and not having a way of keeping my clean and dirty clothes separated in a small overnight type bag, so with that in mind I grabbed the 2 fabrics on the left in a sale a wee while ago, and then when I was doing a bit of stash sorting the other day came across this Lucy’s Crabshack print as well, and decided I could put it to use too.

I grabbed these prints with an apron in mind.  The one on the right is one of those 4 on a yard prints, and I thought it might work nicely on the Patchwork Please apron.

I got this AMH rainbow voile bundle a few months ago, and I have plans to make 2 very simple quilts out of it – identical tops, but with different backs.  I have the back for one, some AMH velveteen for a nice warm winter one, but the other I want to back in voile as well to make a light, summer-weight quilt.  I’d like to get the winter weight one done this week.

I might get as far as making these into a toilet bag, but I’m waiting on a couple of things I also need coming through the post, so it might not happen.

With winter rapidly approaching, I’m hoping to get an infinity scarf made out of this voile and velveteen combo:

And finally, I’d like to use this Nani Iro for a slightly lighter weight scarf in combination with some other double gauze fabric I ordered from Rachael’s shop last week, assuming it arrives on time:

I think that should keep me busy for a while :oD