You may recall my big announcement a couple of weeks ago about the fact that I’m teaching at Patchwork In The Peaks next month.  Here’s a little photo reminder for you…

The retreat is now full up, yay o/, but you can still take part in a small way by helping me with some decisions.  I’m teaching the Aeroplane Bag pattern by Sarah at Sew Sweetness, and I thought I might do a couple of different variations to show people.

Here’s what it looks like on the original pattern:

There’s a short base one (red) and a long base one (blue) in the original design, but I’ve been trying to think of different options I can show people that are outside what’s on the pattern cover, but still following the pattern, if you see what I mean.

My current ideas are:

1. A mini version, like Pennie’s Model Aeroplane she had at FQR (sorry, I searched the FQR Flickr group for a pic, but apparently no-one caught it in action, click on her link though and read her post about it)

2. Possibly a patchworky style outer, either QAYG or maybe just patchworked and then interfaced.

3. Possibly a laminated cotton one for a waterproof option (I never take ‘nice’ bags away with me, because I often find myself in wet and muddy places and don’t want to ruin them!)

Here are a few fabric options that I’ve pulled:

Multicoloured linens

Fun Echino

Echino 10″ squares for patchwork

Some laminates for a waterproof option

Some older members of my stash that seemed to be calling out to be used

Anyone got any preferences, or ideas for using the pattern that are a little different?

And for those of you who are upset that you missed the chance to attend this retreat, there will be another one on the 24th-27th April 2014, so start saving, and planning your escape now!