I was brought up in an all duvet household.  I do not come from a family of quilters, and the only vaguely blanket related things I might have been in danger of inheriting were the scratchy woolly ones my granny used to use in the ‘dormitory’ aka the freezing back bedroom.

So anyway, I am now building up a modest collection of quilts, and I am debating whether or not to do my best Princess and the Pea impression with them instead of my duvet:

What do you guys do though?  Do you use your quilts for decoration, and then use a duvet for the actual sleeping part?  Do you sleep under your quilts?  Do you do both?

I’m really only talking about popping the duvet in the spare room though, so I could always get it back, but I’m rather liking the idea of sleeping under a pile of quilts…