This year we’re switching it up in Brit Bee, and instead of torturing each other with the blocks from hell assigning each other a particular type of block each month so we all end up with different quilts, this year we’re doing a round robin medallion, so we’ll all end up with the same pattern, but in the fabrics of our choice.  The only thing is, we won’t be showing you the pattern, so you’ll need to wait 18 months til the end to see it all – bwahahahaha.

Anywho, the only difference between the quilts will be our centre star.  The original mock-up had a sawtooth star centre to it, but then people got all creative and I freaked out calmly and collectedly set about finding a star for my centre.  I had this rather lovely bundle of fabrics that I’d picked up from Karen at Blueberry Park, and I really wanted to show them off in my centre star or in the 3″ border that I had to add as well (and that I totally forgot to get photos of before hacking them up so these are from the etsy listing):

I got the navy one at the back

Perusing my blocks board on Pinterest I came across a Wisconsin star block that I’d pinned some time ago, but alas, the templates linked to in the Quilter’s Cache were for a 9″ block rather than the 12″ I needed, so then I had to draw up my own templates too o.O

After all that, I set to, with a little trepidation, and finally came out with this, which I’m glad to say worked better than I’d hoped:

So the question is this ladies, would you like me to show you how to make this star, complete with templates, or would you like to smile and nod and freak out in the corner?  I don’t mind either way, but it’s only polite to ask ;o)