I finally caved and bought myself a new toy last weekend.  While my laptop is really useful when travelling for doing photo editing and keeping in touch with things, it’s also absolutely huge, as it’s a widescreen version.  I realised, when packing to come away to Patchwork In The Peaks, that said laptop took up a large amount of precious real estate in my carry on bag, and given that I wasn’t having any checked in luggage, I was getting perilously close to having to wear the same socks every day.

It was time to embrace the tablet world, and given my extreme allergy to all things Apple, it definitely wasn’t going to be an iPad!  Instead I’ve picked up a Samsung Note 10”, which I can sync with my Samsung phone and which seems to do everything bar washing the dishes.  I’m working on training it on that…

Anyway, having got said new toy, it then needed a cosy to protect it from the elements, so I set to to create one.  I mentally went through a range of options, from a sleeve type to a book cover like one until I finally settled on one that could be folded to create a stand.  Then I realised how much time I had before going away, given that I was thinking about this on Tuesday night, and compromised for the time being!

So here it is, the Samsung Note 10 cover, made from some Stof linen that Susan totally forced me to buy when visiting her last November.  Handily, it goes nicely with my Airbus and fits perfectly in the front pocket:

PS:  Both the tablet and cover are straight, apparently I was standing squint ;o)