Wow, it’s that time again, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun running around like a blue arsed fly!

she can quilt

So let’s look at what I thought I’d do, versus what I managed to scrape together:

1. Echo Bella – I really really want to get this finished this quarter it’s starting to haunt me…  FAIL – not even one block done, ugh!

2. Frog Prince Pouch – the frog is haunting me too o.O  DONE!  You’ll see it on the 6th…

3. QAYG Table Mats – I’m so close with these now, I just want them done!  DONE!  Blogged about here

4. Quilt for Siblings Together – Rhonda did the top and provided the backing for this, I just need to baste, quilt and bind it ready to take to FQR.  No really, it will be done in the next few days, it has to be!  DONE!  Blogged about here

5. Get the pattern for this tidied up and up for sale and the associated SAL done:  FAIL!  The pattern is in the process of being branded up though, we’re getting there!

6. Get this little baby quilted and bound!  I’d hoped to get it done in time for FQR, but there’s just no way I’ve got time now :o(  DONE!  Blogged about here

7. Get this quilted and bound:  FAIL!  It’s still folded up exactly where I left it after taking this photo

8. Get this back from Trudi and bind it: DONE!  Blogged about here

9.  Maybe tackle this one too.  Some bits are cut, some are not, I just need to knuckle down and do it!  FAIL!  I did get half my mosaic blocks made, but then I needed more Charcoal and I flitted off onto something else waiting for it to arrive and never came back to it.

Well okay, 5/9 isn’t too bad, even if some were rather quicker and simpler than others!  Now I have to go and contemplate Q4…

How did you get on?