Sheesh, last quarter of the year already, things are going insanely fast this year!

I’m going to try and go lightly on myself this quarter to prevent too many tantrums when I don’t actually achieve things at the end, after all we all know it’s getting to that time of year when we have secret projects to work on that we can’t share until the end of December!  Still, none of these actually require that much work to finish them off, so since some of these have been hanging around for over a year it will be good to them done!

1. AMH Voile and Velveteen quilt – this just has to be basted, quilted and bound

2. Tula camper cushions – just the stitching, and overall assembly to be done

3. Porthole cushions – I have to accept that there just aren’t going to be any more of these portholes, so cushions they shall become!  Or maybe a mini wall hanging.  We’ll see…

4. Hexie cushion – again just the applique of this to be done – I shall use one of the techniques I learned in PITP to speed this up!

5. Japanese X & + cushion – I had been thinking that this needed one more block, but in fact I think I can use just these 5, using 1 and some solids on the back.

6. Viewfinder cushion – it’s been a year, there’s definitely no more of these blocks going to find their way back to me now, so a cushion is the way to go.

7. Liberty surprise – turn this into its final form (currently a secret squirrel project, hence no further details)

8. Jenelle’s bear – finish this wee guy’s face, joint and stuff him and send him on his way

Hmm, I think I need to go out and buy some more cushion forms…

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