Yay, I now have a full complement of camper vans all ready to be sat on. ย Each one is a little different (depending on how well I was reading the instructions while fusing them) but that all adds to the charm, right?

Stats are as follows:

Pattern: Coastal Cruiser from Tula Pink
Fabric: Saltwater by Tula Pink, along with Kona Aqua, Navy, Cactus, Peridot, Peach and Coral
Pieced: Aurifil 2024, 2692
Quilted: Aurifil monofilament thread
Lining: muslin, thrown in for good measure

Here we have Mr Blue:

And Mr Red:

And Mrs Green:

Now theyโ€™re waiting for the spare room to be decorated so that they can settle in there on the sofaโ€ฆ