When I was in Provence over the summer I trawled through souvenir shops, markets, household goods shops and quincaillerie (French hardware shops, but of the kind that are like Aladin’s caves) and I gathered up as many hooks and knobs as I could with an idea in mind.

In one of the magazines I’d lugged over there to read, while lounging around, I saw a picture of an MDF shape with different hooks on it, I think meant to be for a hallway to hang coats on, but I thought it would be great in my new spare room to hang my bags from to take photos.

My problem now is that I can’t remember what magazine I saw it in, and I can’t think what shape would be best behind these (not in the layout above, incidentally, they will be randomly spaced about, and the white one will come off that wood)  What do you think?  Circle?  Oval?  Shield shaped?  I’m vacillating wildly between these three, and then trying to decide if I should paint the MDF white, like the walls that it will be on.  I love the pops of colour from those enamel ones though, should I try and hunt down some more here?  Help!