To be honest, of all my selfish sewing projects, this was the one that I was most looking forward to actually getting to!  I had bought a FQ rainbow voile bundle from Westwood Acres some time ago, and I knew I didn’t want to do anything fussy with it given the slippery, rather elusive nature of voile, so I cut each FQ down to 2 lots of 13” x 17 1/2”, and using one of each colour created a very basic patchwork top (I’m saving the rest for a voile backed summer weight one).

I pieced an AMH velveteen back for it to make it super tactile, using the simple method of joining the 2 at the selvedge, since I didn’t want velveteen fuzzies everywhere by trying to cut it until I absolutely had to.

For the basting I had heard horror stories of working with voile, so I spray *and* pin basted this sucker (it needed it!), then ‘in the ditched’ each line, and then echoed  1” to the right of each vertical line, and 1” above each horizontal line, to create a bit of a tartan line effect.  Finally I did one vertical and one horizontal line through the centre of each row/column.  I’m hoping the quilting for this is enough, I haven’t washed it yet to find out!  Sorry, I tried to get close ups of the quilting, but I cunningly quilted it in a nearly invisible varigated light grey thread so, err, you can’t see it!

I bound it in some leftover AMH voile from my infinity blanket I made for SS last year, and I knew would be just enough for *something*

Final Quilt Stats:
Fabric: AMH assorted voile – top and binding, AMH Queen Of Hearts velveteen – back
Thread: Piecing – Aurifil 2021, Quilting – Aurifil 4060
Batting: EQS Sew Simple Supersoft 100% Cotton
Size: 85″ x 72″
Piecing: simple patchwork by me
Quilting: straight line quilting
Quilted by: l’il old me
Pattern: Ha, no.
Second finish of Q4 done, I’m cooking with gas now…