Although I was teaching at Patchwork In The Peaks, I certainly learned a few things from my fellow Peaksters, so I thought I would do a little round up of them all here.  The retreat tradition is not to identify the attending parties by full name, so I’ve just used their initials, however I’m sure they all know who they are!

From C – how you can applique a big bit of something onto a background with only a border of fusible interfacing, genius way to avoid projects that are stiff as a board!

From H – if you’re sewing those pull through openings for pockets, starting in the centre rather than the corner means you get less backstitch bulk at one corner

From J – how to get nice edges around curved portholes when turning them through, by pressing it flat around the seam before pulling it through.  Oh, and how to use some equilateral triangles to create a cute little gift bag

From JJ – there’s nothing a bit of green can’t improve, and that it’s really possible to produce a quilt in an hour if you don’t fart around indecisively

From L – tacking creates super neat finishes, especially around zip openings for inset zip pockets

From F – don’t sleep through your airport alarm ;o)

From N – a 40 year break from bag making doesn’t mean you forget how

From K – how to alter an outer pocket to make it into a flap to slip over a pull along suitcase handle

From L – computers are the way to go, digitise everything!  Oh, and you can actually get sewing machines with alarms to remind you to go to bed or pick up the kids

From M – how to love ironing… Well, maybe not, sorry M!

From W – you can look more elegant at 86 than the teacher less than half your age (I suspect it’s good to practice this from a young age though ;o) )

From E – it’s still possible to run an extremely successful event while under the weather

From G – how to make a positive bouquet of flowers and some delectable macarons

From H – we missed you!

A final shot of the gang outside the chalet: