Another week, another round of silliness!

1. I saw some stats recently about the number of family run businesses that are still going, with some 30% of businesses in existence at the moment being family run, however I suspect the family run ferry business is not one you’ll stumble across often these days!  Still, head to Suffolk and you’ll get to experience one:

2.  Speaking of slightly odd jobs, how do you fancy earning Β£15 a year for your job?  Well that’s the princely sum that one 80-year-old earns for being the Queen’s Guide to the Sands in Morecambe Bay.  He’s been guiding tourists safely across the bay for 50 years, and says he has no plans to give it up any time soon.

3. Now, having passed through Switzerland recently, I can certainly commend it for its beauty, and it would be first in my mind for skiing and possibly walking and climbing, however it wouldn’t be my first thought for golf, which is probably a good thing, since golfers in Verbier are being caught out by a fox that thinks it’s far more fun to collect their balls than letting them hit them into a wee hole.  So far the fox has added over 100 balls to its collection…

4. The British weather is a standing joke around the world, the popular belief being that it rains all the time.  It doesn’t, just *most* of the time ;o)  Anyway, the scientists have studied it and decided that we’re a unique wee set of islands in the UK and Ireland, being buffeted by a variety of weather systems, 4/5 of which seem to bring precipitation of some kind.  That explains that then…

5. Your final thought for the week, if you are insulted by being labelled a conspiracy theorist, as our Home Office Minister was, does that mean you’re paranoid that people are ganging up on you but don’t want to admit it?  Don’t forget:

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