It’s that time of year when things that go bump anywhere are quite suspicious, but when things go bump in the post, well, who knows what will happen?!  After forking over an eye-watering ransom to Parcel Force, they handed me this:

Things that make you go EEEK!

So glad it was taken care of on the way then…  Good job about 95% of that is packing peanuts too!  So anyway, this came out:

Well that’s quite a peculiar pair, let’s take a closer look at the bit on the right:

 I’m sorry, what does that note say?!

Of course it does…

Guess I’d better unpack a bit further then:

Hmm, not sure I’ve got anything more frightening than my regular look!

Maybe we ought to look inside:

Ahh, so it was that wee guy needed the breathing tube then!

Jack felt he had to come over and investigate his newest cousin:

Isn’t he teeny next to Jack?  Jack felt his orange Super Jack cape blended in nicely though.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get a photo in the dark, but here’s what it looks like then:

photo from BearBits

My friend Ginger has the most amazing imagination when it comes to creating ‘sets’ for her wee guys, and she makes just a few of these ‘bears in a box’ each year, spending days creating every intricate little design detail, texture, colour, and props.

I’ve been wanting to try and get one of these wee guys for a while, but had always argued with myself that I had nowhere to truly show one off.  Well I saw this one, fell in love with it, and thought I’d work out where to display it once it was here!  I think I’ve worked out the best place now, you’ll be pleased to know, it will just involve a small trip to Ikea this week some time…

So, um, that’s my halloween decorating done, how about you?