So if yesterday was that time of the year, today is that time of the week when we do a rather smaller round up of our starts and finishes!  Despite the fact that I was out partying Friday night, and in town getting my hair cut (and very badly dried if you saw my IG pic ;o) ) and picking up other wee toys and things on Saturday, I managed to be quite efficient this week, especially with prep for this weekend’s adventure:

Finishes This Week:

Selfish Sewing scarves:

I turned this lot into a pouch for a tutorial for the FAL Q3, which you’ll see on Sunday:

In Progress This Week:

I turned this pile into a quilt top, and got the back pieced, but I’m too lazy it’s too big to get a pic of where I’ve got to so far, sorry!

I got all the pieces cut for my cushions and for my bee blocks for this month to take away with me, but they’re packed already (I was a little too over-efficient)

To Be Worked On This Week:

Umm, teach a class, yup, think that should do it!

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