I’ve been feeling a little manic of late, trying to clear WIPs so that I can breathe again without a leaning tower of fabric threatening to engulf me, and to help me once my new spare room/storage area is redecorated so that I can shift things around easily.  The paint party is happening on Sunday, so shortly after that, once the walls are dry, I will be starting to set things up in there, this being one of the main things I will be shuffling things into.  There’s a lot of cubes, but I do not want them filled with WIPs…  Anyway here’s what I’ve been working on this week.

Finishes This Week:

My Coastal Cruisers, started in the Alps about as far away from the coast as possible, are finished:

I got my Stitch Tease block done for the month – it’s a biggy at 15 1/2″ x 20 1/2″

I also got my Brit Bee block for the month done, but I’ll share more about that on Friday.

In Progress This Week:

This is now all quilted and is waiting to be bound,  I know, I know, you want more pics, but it’s huge and I feel like I’m drowning in velveteen!  Still, once the spare room is done, I’ll hopefully be able to rig up somewhere to hang my quilts in progress when they get to the mahusive, too-big-to-photograph-at-the-moment stage

I’ve also been working on my Purse Palooza Tohoku Tote, head over to Sara’s on Monday to check that out.  I can tell you I’m working with these fabrics though:

To Be Worked On This Week:

Given that I’ll be painting on Sunday, and I have quite a lot of prep to do on Saturday, I’ll content myself with binding the AMH voile/velveteen monster, and finishing the pattern review.

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