This was a happy mail week, with gifts and prizes abounding from around the world.  It’s been just the thing to perk up a rather stressful week at the day job, and I’m thankful for each and every sender.

1st was an Aurifil pack from Leila, who held the giveaway as part of her Patchwork Please! blog hop stop.  Don’t you love the label?

2nd was a set of books won as part of Craft Book Month on Craft Buds (which has recently had a makeover, go and check it out)

And finally this gorgeous package from Svetlana, who, upon seeing me ooh and ahh over her strawberry pincushions offered to send me one, and then snuck in some other fabulous goodies too.  I’ve already got the needlebook and pincushions in use, and the ribbons added to my ribbon hoops.  The Comma is with my other paper piecing destined minis, and the chocolate is in a safe place until I’m allowed to eat chocolate again!:

Thank you all again so much!