I read an article recently that had me nearly falling off my chair laughing.  I was written by a disgruntled food blogger, who was obviously more than a little fed up of people saying ‘I hate x, can I substitute y’ and ‘I can’t get z, is it really important’.  On the blog that I regularly read that linked to this post, the writer had once been asked if the entire ingredient list could be substituted!

Now it got me thinking because I was recently watching one of the several Craftsy classes I’ve picked up, but had never watched before.  I was rather astounded by what things people got their knickers in a twist about!  Here were the things people were more interested in than learning how to do some improv piecing:

  • Whether seams should be pressed open or to the side, and whether it should be different on the front and back (and let me tell you, there were some pretty silly ‘facts’ being bandied about, a number of which contradicted each other ;o) )
  • Having to do maths.  What was the point of measuring and cutting and things, couldn’t you just wing it because the people in question hated maths.  Really people?!  Quilt blocks by their very nature require you to measure and cut things!  The point of this section, incidentally, was to ensure that pieced backs were perfectly aligned with the front…
  • Whether or not you could, or even should iron over painter’s tape
  • What sewing machine was being used

That last one irritates me every time I see it in the comments section on a blog, rather like people that ask what camera you use.  One of my good friends is a professional photographer, and he takes amazing photos from his phone, his little compact and his professional kit.  Can I replicate that with the same tools?  Not in a million years!  It’s his eye for the photograph and years of experience that helps him get the shot, not the tool.  I know people with technically inferior sewing machines to mine who do amazing FMQ.  Can I do that with my fancier machine?  Err, no, not right now, because I haven’t the skills within myself, whatever the machine may be able to do.  For instance have you met my friend Jess?  Yeah, not in a millions years lol

From Jess’ recent Full Moon Lagoon finish

One day, when I grow up, I want to be able to FMQ like Jess.  Think I’d better get practising ;o)

So what is it that freaks you out in either online classes or in person classes?  Does the way the seams are pressed matter to you, or are you happy enough to do whatever suits you?  Would you create a big noisy fuss at having to measure something?  I’m curious :oD

* Please note that this post was scheduled in advance as I have no internet access this week, please bear with me and I’ll respond to comments as soon as I can.