I use seam rippers a lot, although not as much for ripping seams as for other things in bear making.  Yes, I know, you’re wondering what in hell you can use a seam ripper for that isn’t for ripping seams, but basically I use them for unpicking fur from seams and things.

Having found my perfect sewing one last year I didn’t really want to blunt it by doing double duty, and those wee Β£1 jobs aren’t so comfortable in the hand, so when I saw that Amy’s husband had a new batch of hand turned seam rippers available a while ago, I leapt right in to get a zebra striped one:

It did a sterling job in the making of Sitka, a great addition to the stable!

If you want one, keep an eye out in Amy’s Etsy shop, and she usually announces them on her blog too :o)

* Please note that this post was scheduled in advance as I have no internet access this week, please bear with me and I’ll respond to comments as soon as I can.