Are you singing that now?  Good-oh :oD

Anywho, during this rainy last couple of weeks, while working at night, I’ve had to resort to hand sewing, since I can’t watch tests while I’m at the sewing machine (or at least I possibly could, but would no doubt get distracted too easily!).  Hand sewing is not really top of my ‘love to do’ list, but I was able to finish working on a little something from here.  I could tell you what, but then I’d have to kill you ;o):

And of course I was able to finish this wee guy:

Anyway, what sorts of things do you like hand sewing?  Have you ever tried one of those bag kits?  I have to admit to having ordered some of their buckles along with my mystery kit, which do come in such delicious colours they were hard to resist!