This month for Stitch Tease Ange asked us to do a little light construction for her.  After some initial colour-related angst, there were a few choices of abode we could build, so I opted for a block from Elizabeth Hartman’s book.

We were asked to fussy cut an occupant for our house, which actually turned out to be the most taxing thing I had to do as I have very few fabrics with any kind of critter on them!  Still Pooh, Piglet and the Sock monkey thankfully came to the rescue.

My house on the left is obviously in a more crowded neighbourhood than the one on the right, although since they’re having a party with bunting and fireworks, it’s probably a good thing they aren’t close ;o)

Hope these are okay for you Ange!

* Please note that this post was scheduled in advance as I have no internet access this week, please bear with me and I’ll respond to comments as soon as I can.