You may or may not remember that a while ago I got this lovely fabric from Terry’s Fabrics:

For my first cut, I made a Model Aeroplane Bag (which you can find here) but then I thought about how I could use more of it.  I knew it would make a great wipeable lining for a cosmetics bag or nappy bag, but then what to use for the outside, and for who?

Around about that time I also got some fab fabric in a trade from our Molli, who got some Liberty in exchange – I love Pooh, and you could only get this in Spotlight down under!

Whereupon Sarah declared a love for it.  Hmm, well Sarah would definitely be a candidate for a nappy bag, but I would need more Pooh…  Step up partner in crime Shay!  (It’s probably a good job we live on opposite sides of the planet, I fear we would create lots of mischief if we were closer)  She hot footed it over to her local Spotlight and relieved them of some more Pooh and popped it in the post.

2 fabrics down, 1 to go, and I decided I would be nice to ‘The Man’ over in the cupboard, so teamed it up with some charcoal grey linen.

I used my Whole Lotta Bag pattern, with an alternate inside pattern, head over to Sarah’s to see what I did with it all!