Okay, I admit it, I thinking I’m regressing a bit when it comes to my work outfit accessories, after all I picked up a pair of these recently (BTW though, anyone else remember the pain of breaking DMs in?  I’m getting vivid recollections/blisters right now!)

They come with black bows too

Anywho, I picked up a satchel kit from Simple Way to be my new work bag, as it could fit my work laptop into, and was a tad bit more stylish than the 15l rucksack I’d been using ;o)  It gave me something to work on during the insane night time work I was doing, as I could hand sew in front of the laptop it was ultimately to hold!  So, presenting the Simple Way Briefcase Style Satchel in navy and lipstick:

I could definitely grow to love making bags this way, you just open the bag and start sewing!  Everything is already cut out for you, and holes punched for you to sew through, the most taxing thing you have to do is measure out the waxed thread to sew it with, and the instructions tell you how much of that you need for each step too.

They certainly haven’t given me any sponsorship for this post, just one very satisfied customer with another one on order!

* Please note that this post was scheduled in advance as I have no internet access this week, please bear with me and I’ll respond to comments as soon as I can.