On Saturday I finally set up my sewing machine again after my escape, but I’ve been breaking it in gently, only completing the next round of the Brit Bee medallion.  I’m not sure why, but I’ve been using avoidance tactics on 3 perfectly good projects that I should be working on.  I printed out a pattern for one, and stopped.  I browsed my Pinterest boards for another, kind of came to a conclusion that was inspired by absolutely nothing on there, and stopped.  I got out everything I needed for the third, and, yes, stopped.  I shopped a bit, cut up some charms, and then did a long preparation shopping list/wish list for Black Friday.  Finally I started picking at little hand work things.  Apparently this week is not the week of Big Brother…

Finishes This Week:

Brit Bee medallion round 2 (it’s a secret, sorry, will reveal more later in the week!)

I finished another project from this place, in record quick time, which isn’t needed for nearly another month:

In Progress This Week:

I started picking on some of these:

And I pulled these fabrics for another one of those ‘C’ projects:

To Be Worked On Next Week:

Heaven only knows!  I’ll try and finish my bag project at least, but beyond that, I have a feeling I shall only work on what’s floating my boat at that time – there may be more tinkering and pottering than real live actual projects…

Hope you all had/have a better week!

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