So have you written your letter to Santa yet?  Whilst perusing the web of late I’ve spotted a few things that would be nice to find in my stocking as the gift that would keep on giving for a while…

1. Bag Of The Month Club:

Sara’s at it again, coming up with new and exciting ideas to make us all bag ladies!  Over a period of 6 months, 6 different designers from around the world will send you a pattern for a new bag.  Look who’s contributing:

January – Sara from Sew Sweetness herself
February – Janelle from Emmaline Bags
March – Samantha from Handmade By Mrs H
April – Betz White from, well, Betz White
May – Anna from Noodlehead
June – Chris from Chris W Designs

The good news for Santa is that subscriptions are on special offer this month!

2. Blueberry Park Fabric Club:

From charm packs through half panels up to full panels, Blueberry Park can hook you up with a monthly fabric injection of hand printed goodness.  I got to use some of Karen’s fabric in my Brit Bee Medallion centre, and I absolutely love it!  I’m just plotting what I would make to work out what to sign up for…

3. Box Of The Month:

Actually, I’ve seen a few of these around, some which are not getting great reviews, but the Quilty Box which Amy, over at Diary Of A Quilter recently reviewed, looks like fun.  They’re only available in the US at the moment, but their site says they’re looking at international options.

4. Gift Certificates:

Actually, every shop and their dog will do gift certificates, so go wild, and ask for a range of options ;o)

Best start filling this in:

Hope you all get what you are wishing for :o)