Okay, I’m at the very early stages of a project, and I need a little help.  I can’t really explain the entire end destination for this, as that’s a little fuzzy right now, but I’ll tell you what I do know, in the hopes that it will kick start the whole thing.

I have this collection of fabric:

The piece at the back will be the background, and then in the foreground I want to create an applique of a vintage camera.  Actually the precise camera is also a little fuzzy, but probably something like:

or maybe:


I’m thinking of using some combination of the bottom fabrics to make up the applique – I liked the idea of the different textures, the 2 on the left being leather, the next 2 being cord and the final one denim.  It doesn’t have to be made up entirely of these either, but if you have another idea, you need to provide a link to where I can get it ;o)

So the question is, what combo for the camera?  Answers in the comment box please…