Welcome to the festive edition of Random Thursday!

1. So you’re in the middle of your day at work, beating the streets, and you come across a random piano, what do you do?  Well if you’re a Czech policeman you sit down and play, of course!  Alas, it wasn’t Christmas carols, but there’s a Christmas tree in the background if you look carefully…

2.  On the flip side, the police weren’t fans of Santa in Dundee recently, when he fled the scene of a car crash.  Obviously a Nissan Micra doesn’t handle the same as the reindeer!

3. Worried about getting home after your Christmas night out?  Don’t want to drink and drive?  Well pop on down to the Drum And Monkey in Upton Upon Severn, where the land lady has the perfect solution to your predicament.  Don’t forget your sleeping bag ;o)

4. I read a truly horrifying recipe for Christmas cake on a website the other day.  Stating that you couldn’t give regular Christmas cake to kids because of the brandy (seriously?!  I survived booze soaked Christmas cakes, brandy flaming Christmas puds and lashings of brandy butter as a child, with no obvious ill effects) they advocated an ‘Irish Mixed Fruits Tea Bread’ where the fruit gets soaked in tea.  Obviously they’ve never met any of my countrymen.  Tea.  Honestly…

5. And finally, the shopping centre across the road from my office made the news at the weekend when a flashmob helped one of the locals propose to his girlfriend.  That was brave, stopping Christmas shopping like that!

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