A while ago you may remember me mentioning that I was making some things from these guys:

I showed you my satchel, last month, but the next 2 had to be a secret until after the big day (damn that training every member of your family up to the 89 year old on how to read your blog!)

My mum loves her mini rucksacks, which she uses as her handbag, but she’s only been able to get them in black and brown.  As she wears quite a lot of blue, I thought I’d add a navy one to the collection too.  It’s not lopsided BTW, that’s just my styling inability!  Inside it has one wee patch pocket, so I didn’t bother with a photo of that, sorry:

And for my gran, a nice, simple bag, with a strap that she can wear across her body, which is seemingly the only requirement she has in a bag these days!

I just love how easy these kits are to put together, not to mention the range of sizes and colour options.  If you ever fancy making a real leather bag, these guys are the people to go to.