When I told my dad that I was making mum a bag for Christmas, he wanted one too.  Anyone that knows my dad will tell you his collection of ‘wee bags’ would rival Imelda Marcos’ shoe collection, but he decided he needed a new camera bag, a smaller one that the huge Billingham bag he usually lugs around (we’ll not discuss all the other camera bags he has).  This was to be his holiday bag for a camera and a lens or two.

Nothing daunted, I set to making a pattern.  My initial pattern thoughts had a separate padded lining, but then I had a genius idea to just include the padding within the bag itself.  That was one of those genius ideas that hits when you’re in bed, and you blindly follow the next morning without thinking of the consequences.  Like attaching the foam before attaching the straps and having to unpick.  I wanted to make a raincover too, but that was another of those ‘genius in bed’ ideas that I hadn’t thought through, making it not impossible, but just that bit more challenging at the assembly stage o.O

I struggled to find good ‘man fabric’ in a nice, heavyweight canvas, but then I saw the Birch Organics’ ‘The Grove’ line, and I knew it would be perfect.

It finished at 10 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″, and has an adjustable webbing strap.

When you open it up, you can see there’s a zipped front pocket, and a patch pocket on the flap to hold cards and batteries, and other small things.  It also has 2 dividers to separate the camera and 2 lenses or flashguns.

At the back you can just see at the bottom where the opening for the rain cover is.  It’s secured by velcro in there, but that wee bit of flap you can see is attached to the cover, and when pulled out goes all the way over the bag.

And here’s the cover in action, made of ripstop nylon and elastic:

Thankfully it seemed to fit the bill okay!

I have considered making a pattern for this if anyone would be interested, but I’ll warn you know, it will give you a bit of a wrestling workout ;o)