A while ago, when I was going through a rash of making Aeroplane bags for the class I was teaching at Patchwork In The Peaks, my mum asked if I could make one for her friend June, who will be going on holiday in the new year to celebrate getting over a heart operation.  June needed a new weekend type bag, having had to borrow one from a neighbour for a previous hospital trip, so one was commissioned, with a deadline of Christmas as that was the next time I’d see my parents to hand it over.

My only instruction was that it had to be blue, and to be honest at first glance I didn’t think I had enough blue in my stash for the 3 different fabrics required by the pattern in the home dec weight fabrics I wanted to use.  A couple of years ago I had bought a number of sets of 3 co-ordinating fabrics to make bags for a Christmas fair, however things came up, one of which was my first ever quilt, and I never got to them or the fair, and unfortunately on first glance they were mostly quite saturated colours in everything except blue!

Mum and I tried browsing my local shop online, but there really wasn’t much suitable that co-ordinated, and I was beginning to think that I’d have to get some blue striped fabric I’d seen and turn it a different direction for the bottom section to get the contrast!  In the end though, I was sitting chatting to my mum on the phone one night when I glanced up and saw a set of 3 perfect blue fabrics, albeit quite a light blue base, which is probably why I hadn’t twigged in the first place (excusing fuzzy instagram pic):

Anyway, this week I finally set to and made the bag:

I added an additional pocket on one side on the outer, and then a slip cover for the handle of her suitcase on the other, a little tip I picked up from one of the girls at my class in the Peaks:

In the lining I added some bellows pockets to hold her shoes and things on one side, leaving the inset zipped pocket from the pattern on the other:

Now it’s all set to go off to June!