Ick, a definitely unproductive week this week.  I was out on Friday night, but when I woke up on Saturday morning I had a pounding headache and blocked sinuses.  I’ve now got a sore throat and my ear hurts *whine*  Anywho, Saturday saw me cleaning out my freezer, doing the dishes and rearranging my fabric shelves.  Naturally, what else do you do when you’re feeling like cr*p.  On Sunday I tackled a commission for a bag, which I’ve not quite finished yet (ie, the turning gap is still a gap) but by the end of the wrestling match, I had about 5 pin gouges across both hands and arms which caused some concern to my colleagues on Monday morning!  I did try to finish the fish from last week, but I’ve lost my big needle book with the needles with the big eyes and I can’t get the thick thread for the eyes through the ones I can find *sigh*

Finishes This Week:


In Progress This Week:

This is now 95% of an Aeroplane Bag (apologies for the blurry Instagram pic)

The fish are now stuffed, wow:

To Be Worked On This Week:

Recovering my health and sanity?  Oh no, on Friday there’s another Christmas party…

I’m not even going to clog up the WIP Wednesday linky party with this!