Finally, a productive week!  As I said the other day, I think all it required was a good night out, and I finally relaxed and stopped stressing about everything.  With a week to go until the big day, I have one project left to finish, but other than that, things are going pretty well I think.  I even finally found my needlebook (it was under my bed.  Don’t ask)  The fish are still eye-less, but it’s progress, right?  I hope you’ve had a great week, with fun nights out too!

Finishes This Week:

The Dreamlifter for June:

Plus an Open Wide Pouch for June:

Plus a drawstring bag for June (sense a theme here?)

And then a cushion cover for a secret Santa.  What, you thought this wouldn’t be pixellated?  Sheesh

In Progress This Week:

I strangely have nothing part done from this week.

To Be Worked On This Week:

Just that one final pressie that’s been on the lest for 3 weeks.  I think I have a subconscious need to be working past midnight on Christmas Eve…

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