The time has come to take stock of what I managed to achieve in the final quarter of the 2013 FAL with Leanne.  After setting rather nutty goals in Q1, by the end of the year I was trying to be more realistic, let’s see how that went…

1. AMH Voile and Velveteen quilt – this just has to be basted, quilted and bound – DONE!  And it came in very useful up at the lighthouse where it was rather cold and windy!


2. Tula camper cushions – just the stitching, and overall assembly to be done DONE!


3. Porthole cushions – I have to accept that there just aren’t going to be any more of these portholes, so cushions they shall become!  Or maybe a mini wall hanging.  We’ll see…  DONE!

4. Hexie cushion – again just the applique of this to be done – I shall use one of the techniques I learned in PITP to speed this up!  FAIL!

5. Japanese X & + cushion – I had been thinking that this needed one more block, but in fact I think I can use just these 5, using 1 and some solids on the back.  FAIL!  But now I think I have a plan, at least…

6. Viewfinder cushion – it’s been a year, there’s definitely no more of these blocks going to find their way back to me now, so a cushion is the way to go.  FAIL!  Just… yeah, fail.

7. Liberty surprise – turn this into its final form (currently a secret squirrel project, hence no further details)  DONE!

8. Jenelle’s bear – finish this wee guy’s face, joint and stuff him and send him on his way  DONE!  And Sitka is settling in nicely now in Washington

6/8 seems pretty darned good to me. Now to work out what to do for the next round…