Finish Along 2014

Each week during the Finish Along I will be highlighting one of our very generous sponsors, and I’m sure you (and possibly your bank manager ;o) ) are very familiar with the Fat Quarter Shop, our first highlight!

The Fat Quarter Shop are fabulous at supporting the quilting community around the world, sponsoring prizes, and, of course, providing us with a mesmerising variety of fabrics!

This year they have a new project which I would encourage you to all check out:

In aid of the Make A Wish Foundation, the Fat Quarter Shop, in partnership with Moda, are offering to match donations made by people signing up to the QAL up to the value of $10,000.  Just think of how many children could benefit, all for the sake of you getting to sew up a quilt!  In fact, if you were feeling really generous, you could even offer to donate your finished quilt to one of the many charities that collect quilts for children too, so double the benefit :o)

If you would like, you can even pick up a kit here:

One day, I’d love to be able to visit the FQS fabric storage area, although I fear you’d never get me out again ;o)  Here’s a few things I wouldn’t mind visiting in the meantime, which would also be lovely for the QAL:

I hope this has inspired you to create things for future quarters of the FAL!

Also, as part of the fun for the opening week of Q1, Rhonda, our esteemed FAL founder, has come up with a giveaway just because it’s the Q1 opening week, and what better than a gift for just because!

Head on over to find out what you need to do to win!