Would you look at what you did to your poor mother?

Well okay, technically *you* didn’t do that, but it was in aid of your extraction!  Please admire the corrugated bruises, and I’m reliably informed there’s a hole under that cotton wool o.O

As your mummy and I share a dislike of cameras, this is all I got of her, except for where she photo-bombed the bits around you ;o)

So, newest member of Brit Bee, The Next Generation, here’s a few things about your 3rd whole day in the world, and what happened when this huge, loud person invaded your space and accused you of looking like Winston Churchill.  William Hague was also mentioned, but we all decided to back away from that one ;o)

  • You definitely do not like having your nappy changed.  When I arrived, daddy was attempting this feat while you screamed the place down.  You apparently have a lot more kick today than you had yesterday, you’re going to be a feisty one!  Just to make your point you peed on daddy and your bed.  He won’t be doing that again in a hurry ;o)
  • On night #2 you tortured your mummy all night, screaming and screaming.  By the way you’ve settled down here for a lengthy nap, we suspect you might have been psyching yourself up for another midnight round!
  • Having tortured mummy all night, you then decided to torment her all afternoon by not settling down for a good feed.  Granny got a share of that action too, weren’t you generous!
  • You like coorying down in the oddest of places for a nap.  In the photos here, you’re under mummy’s arm down her right hand side, with your feet in her oxter!  You weren’t very happy when daddy finally extracted you again, but decided it was okay as long as you could lie on top of mummy
  • Mummy keeps trying to smooth out the frown at the top of your nose.  Right enough that will relieve the Winston Churchillness quite a lot, but it’s not happening just yet!
  • I think we decided you had daddy’s nose, and your hair is about the same colour as mummy’s.  You’ve got long legs though, so we reckon Uncle Nick contributed that a bit as mummy and daddy are, um, vertically challenged.  As for your freaky same-length toes, well, that’s all you kiddo!

I’m assured that next time round you’ll be far more entertaining, and that you’ll hopefully be back on the mainland for good at that point.  Unfortunately you can’t get up the A9 quite as fast as you can up the A90 ;o)

In the meantime, twist that bear’s tail for me, and be good to your mummy and daddy.  Well try not to keep peeing on daddy anyway, otherwise he’ll be all stinky, and try and let your mummy get some sleep!