(For those of you who have never travelled on public transport in the UK, I apologise for you not entirely ‘getting’ the title)

Happy New Year!

Whew, well 2013 was quite a busy year, where I found myself doing the following:

Huh, that was quite a lot!  I’ll not torment either of us by pulling together mosaics of them all, but here’s the edited highlights:

Highlights of 2013

Looking forward to the new year, there are a few exciting things which will keep me going, and which will be bringing about a few changes here on the blog:

  • The 3 bees will continue
  • I will be hosting the Finish-A-Long for 2014 – look forward to a host of prizes, sponsor posts and tutorials in relation to this
  • I will be running a Bag Along for my first commercial pattern (available shortly)
  • I have been asked to be a regular contributor on another blog, which I will explain more about when I do my first post
  • I have some new teaching opportunities coming up
  • I will hopefully be getting to do some quilty travels this year
  • I hope to get some more patterns written, preferably at a rather faster rate than the Whole Lotta Bag went!

To coincide will all the new and exciting ventures, I also have some rather busy times coming up in the day job, so I have made some decisions:

  • I won’t be posting daily any more.  This has been a great challenge for me over the past couple of years, but I have been painfully aware that there are times when I’ve just been wittering on about nothing, so I’m going to remove the pressure to come up with 365 days of fabulous content, and work on more quality, less quantity.  I will still be randoming though, for all you Thursday addicts ;o)
  • I would like to get more tutorials up here.  Initially that will be fulfilled by the bag along, and my post in a couple of days for the Modern Bee Book blog hop, but I’d like to do a little more later in the year.  I may yet ask for suggestions on what they will be
I hope you will continue to stop by, and look forward to chatting with you all this year on and off the blog :o)