I didn’t want you all feeling lonely as you typed up your FAL lists, so here’s my target for the quarter:

1. Panda Girl – poor wee Panda Girl has been sitting for 2 ½ years in this state, but I’m determined to finish her this quarter.  I have a bear making student coming round for a couple of lessons, so I’m hoping to use her as an example of ‘In Progress’ and then make her ‘Progressed’

2. Bambear – I discovered Bambear when I was playing the grand flat reshuffle/redecoration over the holidays, and he looked at me rather accusingly from his bag.  I made him when I went with my mum to a bear workshop that a friend of mine was running, which I gave mum for her Christmas or birthday a couple of years ago.  He’s so very nearly done, all he actually needs is his ears sewn on, and his stuffing gaps closed.  Yes, he’s that close!  He’s in a plastic bag though so that his innards don’t leak everywhere *ahem*.  Again, I’m hoping to use him as a teaching aid and then finish him.

3. Pile of fabric conversion – this is in the process of being converted into something, but I’m afraid it’s one of those secret squirrel projects, at least for the next wee while!

4. X and + – I have a definitely plan for these now, I just need to assemble them.  There should be a tutorial to accompany the final item too!

5. Glimma logs – this quilt top has a definite purpose, which is to allow me to practice certain types of quilting.  Unfortunately, due to a combination of persisting precipitation and the fact that I haven’t hung my new hanging rail yet, I can’t show you more than this folded mass.  Trust me that it’s made from Glimma, okay? ;o)

I have a lot of other things going on this quarter, so I don’t want to overburden myself with my usual ultra-long lists, so I’m calling it quits at 5.  I’m not eligible for prizes, but feel free to give a small cheer when I eventually manage to finish some of these, even if it’s a cheer of relief at not having to see them on a list again ;o)

Don’t forget you have until 17th January to link up!

I am trying to work my way through everyone’s links, if I haven’t stopped by yet, I’m on my way :o)  Also, as I write this (slightly in advance), I’m having a bit of a giggle that there have been 666 page views for the FAL Q1 post, maybe it’s a sign ;o)

Finally, if anyone is interested in contributing a new, and previously unpublished tutorial to the Q1 Tutorial week in April, please let me know!