This time last year I posted a shameful list of all the WIPs I had found lurking while I was doing a bit of a tidy up.  I didn’t make any promises about when I was going to finish any of them, or even if I would, but I thought it would be interesting to see how I’ve done before I start off another year!

1. Ironing board cover – I’ve been putting this off for about 8 months, but I *really* need to get on with it, my current board is in a shocking state!  DONE!

2. Winterkissin’ – I’d hoped to get more of this done before Christmas, but the ick put paid to that.  UPDATE – I got as far as a completed top, decided I needed to long arm it, and then never got round to it *ahem*

3. & 4. Indie stars – DONE AND DONE!

5. Rainbow hexie cushion – I so enthusiastically sewed these together on several train journeys and at my gran’s, and then cast them aside for more pressing matters :o/  UPDATE – not even touched them

6. Messenger bag – this is actually about 75% finished, I started it as a trial for the pattern I was making for the Intrepid Thread newsletter and never finished it.  DONE!

7. Porthole Monsterz – I started the portholes at FQR last June, and then promptly did nothing else with them…  UPDATE – will be cushions by the end of tonight

8. Rocket art packet – I made this block as part of the FPPFTT sew along last year, and it has languished ever since. DONATED and Ella’s even finished a quilt with it!

9. QAYG Place Mats – I did the front of one of these for Merrily We Sew Along at the start of  December and then the ick struck and other more pressing sewing intervened.  DONE!

10.  Echo Bella – this poor thing gets picked up and laid down at random and infrequent intervals UPDATE Still being lifted and laid at infrequent intervals

11. Retro Brit Bee Flowers – My lovely Brit Bee mates made these blocks for me in July.  I have a couple to make myself and then it can become a quilt.  DONE!

12. Frog Prince Pouch – I cut all the bits of this at the same time as I made the inset circle prize pouch in July, and even packaged it to take to the sew along at Jo’s, but didn’t touch it, and haven’t since. DONE for Q3 of the FAL Tutorials

13. Precious Portholes – I got this lovely fabric from Kim at My Go Go Life at the beginning of last summer, and I know exactly what I want to do with it, but haven’t actually got to it yet.  UPDATE The plan is still the same, so is the state of the project…

14. SS Cushions – I cut all these pieces for my Shapes & Angles class at Sewing Summit, and then they were in the delayed luggage, so I didn’t have them for the class after all :o/  DONE!

15. Rainbow Road Bag – embarrassingly I started this last January.  Then the lovely Lynne from Lily’s Quilts said she would send me some smoky transparent thread to quilt it, but when it arrived (a whole week later) I’d moved on to something else and never went back to it…  DONE!

16. Cathedral Windows Bag – even more embarrassingly, I was playing with this last new year *ahem*  UPDATE I’m just abandoning this, and seeing if I can rescue the cathedral windows section for something else

17. Pips In Nine – This was the first quilt I planned after I finished my first quilt in the Across The Sea QAL in autumn of 2011.  I got one row of blocks done and then… actually I have no idea, I must just have got distracted.  I’m hoping to get this one done to send to Siblings Together  DONATED, and Bethany’s finished her project with it

18. EPP Seasons Cushion – moving on to a more recent abandonment, I made this as part of the Travellin’ Pic Stitch blog hop, but it needs 3 more ‘seasons’ to play with  DONATED

19. Viewmaster Cushion – I asked my Piece Bee With You mates to make me viewmaster blocks from a tutorial that Kim had over the summer, and I think I’m going to make a cushion out of them as they’re quite small.  I’m still waiting for some of these to come in though, so it may be a while!  UPDATE Still not done :o(

20. Carl Chameleon Tote – I made Carl when pattern testing for Joanna at Shape Moth and then set him aside, and piled stuff on top of him, and the poor thing was hidden from sight completely!  DONE!

21. Paris Map cushion – I started this for the Texting While Sewing comp, and then couldn’t get my vision realised *sigh*  I think I have a way ahead for it now though.  UPDATE I think I’m abandoning this one too

22. Sew Happy Quilt – I made this as part of the Sew Happy Quilt along at the start of last year.  I intended originally to send it to Kat for her baby quilts, but it turned out to be far too big, so I think it may make its way to Project Linus once I’ve backed, quilted and bound it.  DONATED to the Tasmanian bush fires appeal

23. Japanese x & + Cushion – I got these blocks in a swap early last year.  There are 5 of them at the moment, but I think I might add another 4 and make them into a floor cushion.  UPDATE Still not done

24. New York Beauty Cushion – I made this as part of the New York Beauty Quilt Along from gorgeous Oakshotts, and then couldn’t work out what to do with it!  I’ve decided it will become another cushion anyway.  DONE!

25. Rainbow Mod Mosaic – I took part in a number of rainbow charm swaps to gather enough to make a mod mosaic quilt, however I’ve never quite got as far as assembling them yet, although I have chopped some up a bit…  UPDATE I got one set of blocks made, but still not finished.

26. Rainbow Windmill Cushion – I totally went off this, and I still don’t love it, so it’s been hidden away.  I need to finish the quilting on it, and then I need to find an innocent victim recipient.  DONATED, and Helen has finished it I think

27.  Sew Serendipity tunic –  I’ve had this in the works since May 2010, and it’s still pattern pieces and bits of fabric *sigh*  UPDATE Yeah, no…

28.  Shirred sun dress – I start this in May 2010 as well, but my old machine didn’t shir nicely, and it’s all gone horribly wrong and will have to be unpicked.  I haven’t had the strength for that yet…  UPDATE  The shirring is all unpicked now, but it was after the summer, so I didn’t feel I needed to finish at that point ;o)

29, 30 & 31. Circa 1930, Hometown & Reunion quilts – I’ve had the patterns for these sorted out for at least a year, but then I think I decided I liked more quirky quilts, while these were rather conventional, so I didn’t get any further with them.  I’d like to just get them done now!  UPDATE I got a top done from the Circa 1930, but not the other 2

32. & 33. Prince Charming Bubbles Quilt x 2 – These have been a long time in rising to the surface, but I have the pattern worked out, and the templates printed, I just need to actually cut into the fabric and sew the things!  UPDATE uh, no.

34. Etchings Quilt – I bought these with a particular purpose in mind, but then another idea worked just as well instead, so these got abandoned again, however I have a whole pattern worked out, I just need to make it…  UPDATE Nope

35. Madrona Rd Corners – The vision for this came to me in a rather fever induced hallucination at the start of December, and I’m rather anxious to get what I jotted down as a pattern into fabric…  DONE!

36. Boo Brr – Another pile of fabric, another set of notes, enough said…  UPDATE Nuh uh

37. Shirt from pattern drafting class – I need to finish the muslin on this, but the class last summer happened during rather a busy period in my life, and I never got to finish it.  UPDATE Niet

38. Skirt from pattern drafting class – as per the shirt, too much to do, too little time :o/  UPDATE Nada

So let’s see, that makes 11 finishes by me, and 5 finishes by other people, plus 2 quilt tops, and 2 almost cushions.  That’s not *that* bad I suppose!

I’d like to say that I ended 2013 with less WIPs than I started with (as a couple more subsequently came out of the woodwork) but I’m not entirely sure I did!  Oh well, good job the next round of the FAL’s coming soon, right?